English bits

English bits

Navrus @ Bayon Olgyi, Western Mongolia

Olgyi inhabitants celebrating Navrus, which is by far the biggest Central Asian holiday (equivalent of our New Year’s). Being the only one in ‚my district‘ with the camera involved me in visiting 10 houses & eating kilograms of mutton, horse

English bits

1 week in Bayon Olgyi

Our arrival in Olgy was full of action, also very intensive and more chaotic than anything else in “my Mongolia” before.  I was hopping on and off the Gazik at least 4 times at various places, where my co-travelers had


Roadtrippin‘ Mongolia

Part 1 – Yes or No The clock confirms it’s something past 10pm. I’m sitting on a bed with a half broken mattrace and a pillow. The sheets with no linings are animated by stains having been formed there ever