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trying to keep you non Slovaks in loop in case you want to know more than what you can guess from the pix, love you all!

La Canche – The Best Local Comedor of Central America

‘La Canche’ comedor situated in the heart of Antigua (Guatemala) is one uniqueness of itself… 4-5 old grannies averaging 143 cm height and over 70 years age (may be even 80, Mito reckons…) make this comedor’s top place to eat in Central America.  We have eaten ‘desayunos-almuerzos-cenas’ there for 5 days while being three times in Antigua.

Place has been functioning for over 54 years – and surely has not changed much since the black&white photography time; lady Zola Urizar has been awarded multiple diplomas for her hard work and social community service over the last couple of decades.

There is of course no menu, no price list, no counter, capacity about 3-4 tables, speed of service from 21 to 29 meters per hour, opening hours 8am-ish till 9pm-ish….with same ‘staff’ = amazing!  Names of 4-5 meals they serve but we have never picked up is locally yummy, pastry rocks even days later.

Will be surely missed most from the whole UNESCO city of Antigua.

Suerte ‘La Canche’

Antigua (Guatemala)

Having read Antigua’s LonelyPlanet’s description, I’d better just copy it instead of trying to create something new or smarter :)

“Antigua was founded on March 10, 1543, and served as the colonial capital for 233 years.  The capital was transferred to Guatemala City in 1776, after Antigua was razed in the earthquake of July 29, 1773.

The town was slowly rebuilt, retaining much of its traditional character.  In 1944 the Legislative Assembly declared Antigua a national monument, and in 1979 Unesco declared it a World Heritage Site.

In all the long, boring discussions about where the ‘real Guatemala’ is, you can be sure the word Antigua has never come up.  This is fantasyland – what the country would look like if the Scandinavians came in and took over for a couple of years.  It’s a place where power lines run underground, building codes are adhered to, rubbish is collected, traffic diverted and stray dogs ‘disappear’ mysteriously in the middle of the night.

But you’d be a fool to miss it.  Antigua’s setting is gorgeous, nestled between three volcanoes, and its streetscapes offer photo opportunities at every turn.  The language-school scene is thriving, the hostels offer colonial-chic accommodations and the dining is some of the best in the country.”

Mito and I spent 2 days there and after we moved 10 hours north to Semuc Champey, a place considered to be by many the most beautiful spot in the whole country.

When 7 gears ain’t enough..or..when the dreams COME TRUE

Not only that we’re over excited from be(er)ing together again, we have just accomplished (today!) one of our mutual biggest & longest lasting dreams… A wish we had hoped to live and experience together for almost 2 years now, sitting on our 7 Holyport Road blue couch looking at one particular TNT magazine picture, dreaming…

Proving that they do come true, OURS, that has been on our minds and in our hearts for so long has just been materialized…

Cerro Negro Volcano Boarding, Leon, Nicaragua @ Cerro Negro Volcano-boarding!

(Thank to God and all our Guardian Spirits!)

Sayin’ Adios & Gracias to South America

After 8 magnificient months of trippin’ in South America it’s time to pack up and open another travel chapter.  I have had absolutely amazing time exploring this continent that has become my second most favourite on this planet (afterEurope of course:)).

During my 34 weeks over here I saw more than I had originally planned and have met many terrific people whom I wish to see one day again in the future anywhere God permits it.

My next 5-6 days will be full of adventurous crossing of Caribbean Sea with an aim to get to Panama City via San Blas Islands on a small sailing ship called Sunshine.  I liiike:)

I am deeply hoping to catch up with Mito who is 4 weeks ahead of me, surfing Nicaragua’s waves as we speak (or waking up with a hangover – not sure but also possible).  I think in the next 3 weeks Mito and I, sitting on some hot white sand beach, will open a dozen of icy beers  to celebrate our another reunion and revive to its 6th gear once again.

Thank you for following and reading – Bless ya and stay in touch.

Oh, btw, our plans have cleared up in the last couple of days and both of us will spend special Christmas time with our families back in Eastern Slovakia.



Salt Cathedral de Zipaquira

One of Colombia’s most fascinating attractions is the hauntingly beautiful underground salt cathedral at Zipaquira, 50km north of Bogota.

The cathedral was born from an old salt mine, dug straight into the mountain outside the town. The mines date back to the Muisca period and have been intensively exploited, but they still contain vast reserves that will last another 500 years.

Opened to the public in 1995, the cathedral is 75m long and 18m high and can accommodate 8400 people.

(LP Colombia Guidebook)


Ozaj mastenica a nieco uplne nove na nasom tripe.  S Luckom sme v nej stravili takmer 2 hodiny a vybili baterky fotoaparatov.  Po parhodinovej zastavke sme smerovali na sever, dalsie 2 hodiny, do mesta Chiquinquira.  Ta bola nedelno ludoprazdna a  po autobuse do mesta Villa de Leyva, kde sme sa planovali dostat nebolo ani slychu.  Vyckali sme teda noc a v krasojizde pokracovali na dalsi den pred ranajkami.

Rolo & The Whole Vasquez Family de Bogota – MUCHAS GRACIAS

Spending 4 days in Bogota with our London’s friend’s (ROLO’s) family was a gift from God!  Rolo, thank You for organizing it and letting us experience true Colombia with Your closest!  We have had such a spectacular time it’s impossible to describe in human words.   Your family gave us all and treated us like their own 😉  We will never forget it and owe You!  The only thing we missed there was YOU!  Best luck in London!  Hope your dreams come true.

God bless YOU ALL GUYS – Mom/Dad/Freddy/Waltee/Judy!  And THANK YOU so much again.

P.S. Rolo, as promised, many pics of your family below :)