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trying to keep you non Slovaks in loop in case you want to know more than what you can guess from the pix, love you all!

English Recap: April – July 2010


Now I am havin’ one funny feeling this text’s gonna be all but easy… My first and (pretty much) last English review article (Dear all non-Slovak speaking families and friends of ours) was written almost full 3 months ago (not counting some here’n’there English palabras you find in our “I speak English bits” section) .
I will try my best to summarize last quarter of a year travel period starting where I had left it in April.  So heyho, let’s go :)
After 4 days of milky skies and unfriendly weather (thus rum & relax Navimag boat trip) in South Chile we ended up back in Patagonia, ..sweetest Argentina. This time it was Bariloche & The Lake District, probably one of the country’s top trekking & outdoor capitals.  The whole area is absolutely amazing and probably conquered our top highlights we had had on our trip by then.  We spent 2 weeks there, 32% longer time then originally planned.  I think this must be happening to heaps of other Bariloche visitors.  Our time was packed with some fabulous trekking around the area and also in El Bolson where we had experienced our first walks and runs on pristine virgin snow capped peaks (El Bolson Run).  Hitting clubs and bars when returning from the mountains to celebrate and encourage our strengths enriched our agenda and brought some more unforgettable memories and friendships.  The place is definitely worth a visit, no matter if in summer or winter season.  Apparently, the snow conditions in winter there are fantastic, which makes me want to return here one day to see the place also in its white cloak.

After The Lake District we went back and forth to Chile and Argentina a few more times.  Visited Pucon, Graffiti-Bohemian city Valparaiso (must see place!), Santiago on Chilean side and later or in-between Mendoza, Cordoba and pretty much most of NW Argentina (Salta, Tucuman, Cachi, Cafayate with its Quebradas and Salinas Grandes).

After full three months of being with Mito on a day/night basis we split for about 2 weeks.  Mito was sorting out his New Zealand visas (doctors and other paperwork) in Cordoba and I left down south to Iguazu falls (Argentinian-Brazilian borders) with Elaine who traveled with us for approximately 3 weeks. That was the place where I was picking up Branko who came to join us on our trip for 2.5 months.

Mito was not keen on waterfalls neither in travelling thru Paraguay, which was my second prime objective – after picking up Branko.  Maybe, Mito just did not bother travelling extra 2500 km when he was so close to Bolivia, which was our next meeting point.  Everyone sings only the best about Iguazu waterfalls but I still came there pretty relaxed without some massive expectations.  It surely shook me strong though, and let my jaw involuntarily fall down on numerous viewing points when cruising through that National Park.  Definitely add to your South American agenda.  We did both sides, Argentinian and Brazilian.  Do them both if you can, skip Brazilian if you are short of time or ca$h.

Paraguay was amazing.  First time I had some proper and authentic non-gringo trail experiences. The country does not offer that much (with no offense to Victoria and Victor & all 6.5 million Paraguyans) in terms of having some world class tourist attractions.  On the other hand, you see a country, which is not just unspoilt by tourism, but, politely said, pretty unprepared for it.  Except for one gun-in-hand experience in pitch black hours at a gas station in Mariscal Estigarribia, all was sweet, and things went well on Paraguayan dusty roadways.  We visited the second largest water dam in the world (Itaipu), 17th century Jesuit Missionaries Trinidad & Jesus, walked thru Ybycui National Park catching big metallic-blue butterflies, hit some bars & clubs in Asuncion with Victor & Victoria, 2 amazing guys who offered us a couch via  Last stop was in a German speaking (weird) city of Filadelfia. North of Paraguay border crossing to South of Bolivia we lived thru the worst nightmare of this entire trip so far, including a tough-ass travel indeed – It took us 3 days to get through 600km!  Frozen on buses at night and spitting dust all the time in between…maldita shivering memories.


While we were cruising thru Iguazu and Paraguay, Mito covered another famous part of South America – San Pedro de Atacama Dessert and crossed to Bolivia from North Chile.

All three of us met on my birthday, 4th June in Tupiza, south of Bolivia.  A cute little town, 2 liters of birthday spirits and traditional Bolivian cuisine. Simple is beautiful. Tupiza celebrated its anniversary during the same weekend, so the city was in motion & colour, packed streets full of food, dance, drinks & drunks, and other traditional ways of having fun.

South-west Bolivia offers probably one of the most amazing geographical phenomenon in the world – 12km sq. salt flats Salar Uyuni are something you will not see anywhere else in the world.  Kindergarten look of Salinas Grandes in Argentina is at least 4 leagues behind it.  Bolivian Salar Uyuni sitting at 3653m altitude knocks your socks off by its beauty, strangeness of surreal landscape offering man-where-am-I feeling.  Crossing almost treeless SW Bolivia in 4×4 jeep took us 5 days, and one of the highlights included a trek to 6008m high volcano Uturuncu where Branko almost spat his lungs out and decided to reverse at about 5800m. Lilo made it safely and ticked off another of many dreams pursued in SA.

Bolivia is simply stupendous.  I reckon majority of people who had done and travelled South America are ranking Bolivia among their top favourites.  It’s the poorest SA country, even though extremely rich in natural resources – every $ goes to foreign companies who pay Bolivians few Bolivianos.  I think we criss-crossed the whole country (Villamontes, Villazon, Tupiza, Uyuni, Potosi, Sucre, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, La Paz, Rurrenabaque, Copacabana).  Definitely add these among your Bolivian must-see don’t miss’n’do highlights:

– Rurrenabaque pampas trip, where you swim with pink dolphins and aligators, fish and eat piranhas and chill in hammocks since you’re poo scared to walk alone out of your cottage due to unknown wildlife bugging everywhere around.  (pictures)

– World’s deadliest road, which you can make as deadly or un-deadly as you please.  Views and experience definitely worth a big time.  (Eng article & pictures)

– Potosi ex-silver mine where 12 year old or younger boys start with their mining career by helping their Dads who die in average 10 years after starting working there due to fatal working conditions and safety.  Average salary is about 250 euros a month, which is 3 times more than other occupations offer in general.

Leaving La Paz (thumbs up capital city, where Mark The Melbourne boy and a „brother from another mother“ joined us for 3 weeks of tripping) for Titicaca and chilling out a few days on & round the Islands where the Sun and the Moon were born and 12 year old prettiest girl virgins were sacrificed to them in old Inka times is another high-altitude experience and a place to be (or dip for swim – see Vranovska vydra)

From Titicaca Mark, Branko and I continued to Peru.  Mito returned acclimatized back to La Paz and destroyed a 6.4k meter peak that I will be jealous of till I break or close-up to his monstrous altitude record.  Congratulations Mito!  Read details about climb here.

The only down side of Bolivia in terms of blog was lack of internet access, especially in the South.  When Mito and I split, we really struggled to update or even add anything on our site.  With little bits and pieces uploaded here and there we survived 3 weeks and then caught up with all that time in La Paz.  This is just to let you know the reason and answer some of your questions why the blog had almost frozen at some stage.  Trust us, we were pretty unhappy about it as well.

Peru, wow, a superbomb a country.  Sceneries, finally broad and yummy cuisine selection, down to earth, humble, modest, interesting and interested fantastic people, history, culture, Mountains!, sand dunes, best surf waves in the world…  I’m ranking Peru in my top 3 countries I have been to in my life :).  Definitely half a kilometre or more above the expectations I had had before coming over.  Mito thinks the same, so we are probably right.

While Mito was trekking in Bolivia, Mark, Branko & I ticked-off place by place on our agenda.  Visited prime SA destination Machu Picchu, which was a cool but only once-a-lifetime-wish&visit experience in my opinion, trekked in the second deepest canyon in the world – Colca Canyon, almost twice deeper than Grand Canyon in the USA, laughed our guts off in Huacachina sandboarding.

Lima, probably one of least popular or fascinating SA capitals, was a big bye-bye and welcome point on our trip.  Mark said his last Bye after our last 5star mealdeal and a few Cuzcena beers and Mimi (our ex-London flatmate came to join us and explore Peru for 3 weeks ). How we see Lima here.

Huaraz and Cordillera Blanca was probably the best trekking we have had together so far.  Early morning 2 o’clock climb to Mt. Pisco (5752m), with all its adrenaline and views… bunch of unforgettable experiences.  Video.

We have still not implemented Google maps into our blog, if any of you folks have an idea how to make it and with some slick design, drop me a line please. The blog was improved by adding a calendar, so you can browse thru the articles by date or search by month.  (Or just find out what date it is today) Check it out.  Thanks to Wacho.  Rambo a la Antonis, the Greek God of Betfair (now ex) added a top design flash Betfair banner that has generated 3000 views so far, 8 clicks and 0 GBP revenue.  Come on, make me feel better and register at Betfair via our banner, play & win so we make something out of it and can travel longer and supply you with some reading on your days off. Cheers in advance. The Videos section of the blog is also close to up-to-date.

Our Facebook fanpage – – has got almost full collection of our photo albums and makes browsing through pictures  less painful.  It is also ready to be visited and you are all welcome to join the group.  In addition, I have registered and joined some pictures into a photo competition at which is offering 500e to the winner, so keep your fingers crossed.  Our ideal scenario is to cover the costs of our cameras which we bought specifically for this trip by similar photo contests.

Our next plans are catching surf waves for Mito and catching some sun beam radiation – me.  We get to Ecuador to pick up Branko who left us for the Galapagos Islands (which we are both skipping), meet up with Lucka, who is joining us for about 5-6 weeks to travel in Colombia and Venezuela.  Itinerary details here.

Same like I said 3 months ago, if you have tips, ideas how to make this online meeting-point more exciting, drop me a note, hint and I will try to fix it or find someone who can do it better.  For now, thanks for reading, support and staying in touch.  Speak soon.  Peace & adios.

P.S. After 6 months, I have (finally) shaved.

LIMA – Arrival/Departure/Stop-The-Rush place

Waking up in Huacachina @ 6.17am to take an early morning bus to Lima was not at all for the reason to explore the Peruvian capital.  8,5 million populated city, which is also called ‘The Strangest Saddest City’ (due to its half a year long lasting microclimate of non-stop greyish sky that disables any access of the sun, vision of anything blue looking gazing at you or all positiveness people absorb from up there..), displays all modern & established cities’ characteristics.  Lima definitely belongs to one of the most developed cities in SA we have visited so far.  Skyscrapers , blue collar businesses, traffic jams & fast food chains of all nations… simply said, a place which is pretty close to the very bottom on our list of things which we are looking for to see while tramping through this continent.
The reason why Mark & I woke up so early that day was to get ourselves good seats in some well positioned spot of Lima Loki Hostel, crack some beers open and place a couple of wishful bets prior to Germany – Spain SF match Kick-Off (1.30pm).  The result of -50 USD losing bet put us after the match for a bit decisionmakinglessly to sleep before hitting a 5 star restaurant for one helluva grandeur dinner – Mark’s treat on his last holiday day/night with us.
Mark, who had spent 3 amazingly action-full packed weeks with us (North Bolivia & Peru) was the very next day escorted by me to a taxi* in bird-sleep morning hours.
Mark with his ‘no-worries Oz attitude’ was a fabulous ingredient of voyage.  Muchas gracias bro and best luck with your future choices you’re about to be facing.
(* Lima’s taxis don’t have meters and majority of them are unregistered = unofficial.  Indeed, surveys have indicated that no less than one vehicle in seven here is taxi :) – loving it! 😉 )
There is another very exciting fact giving Lima higher value of importance in our Itinerary.  Day after Mark’s departure, there was (and now is) Mimi (Mito’s & mine ex London flatmate) in Lima, who had come to spend three weeks with us and travel through a few parts of Peru & possibly even Ecuador. Mito arrived in Lima the very same day Mimi did, safe & sound after a long almost 30hr bus ride from La Paz; unfortunately missed Mark by a day.
My “interest” in the city itself was shown fully by not even leaving hostel’s closest neighborhood for the first 2 days in a row. Mito & I took full advantage of wifi in a bar area and used time friendly to catch up with at that time almost 2,5 week ‘limping’ blog status.
Probably the top highlight of our stay in Lima was the day of the World Cup finals which we enjoyed with our earlier met Dutch friends at the main city square – La Plaza de Armas in a golden VIP circle with heaps of other Orange-dressed & Spanish supporters.  Even though my money was invested on Spain we were also dressed in orange (due to our mates) and thus cheered for the Tullip country with Dutch flags painted on our cheeks and orange balloons sticking out from our hair.
I  made some wicked video & photo documentary from that fantastic unforgettable event, however, I guess it must have been in the crowd where my 007 mobile was ‘left’ to potentially serve someone else’s possible needs.
We met some terrific people that day who will surely stay our friends for long.
Peru has been so far and by miles exceeding all my expectations.  For some reason before arriving here I had pictured Peru as a tourism run down & infested country where long lasting cultural values are being erased by the powers of commercialism.  Of course, there is no lack of tourists out here but apart from their prime destinations, the country doesn’t seem very touched , influenced or negatively effected (by us).
The countryside is very pretty & diverse, but people in general seem to be the best by far. Genuinely friendly, modest, without envy, humble, with big hearts and beautiful in all traditional ways – also very colourful :)
Even though we saw very little of their capital city during days and spent $ amounts doubling the ones from our London times in night hours, Lima’s stay has gone beyond our original plan and sure-shot beat its main goals:  BEING A FRIEND AND STAYING WITH ONE IS ALL THAT (AT THE END OF THE NIGHT) REALLY MATTERS…

2 day trekking @ Colca Canyon & Cruz del Condor

Colca Canyon is a canyon of the Colca River in southern Peru. It is located about 160 kilometers northwest of Arequipa.  It is more than twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in the United States at 4,160 m.

Unlike most of the Grand Canyon, portions of the Colca canyon are habitable, with pre-Colombian terraced fields still supporting agriculture and human life.

What brings increasingly more visitors each year, in addition to the awesome sights, are the Andean condors. The condor population of South America is unfortunately dwindling, but here in Colca Canyon, visitors can see them at fairly close range as they float on the rising thermals and scan for carrion far below them.

(info taken from other webs)

Illimani 6438mnm & Videos

Hi all…

musim vam napisat o treku na druhu naj horu Bolky Illimani…
i have to write u about Illimani the second highiest moutain in Bolivia…

v Titicaca a po vyhlade na macky ( Cordiliera) oproti som sa rozhodol, ze sa musim vratit do LaPazu a rozbit tam hory radsej ako MP….
After Titicaca lake and amezing view on Cordiliera moutains right opposite the Island of sole i decided to go back to LaPaz and destroy there myself or some valley rather like MP ( it is heritage …right?)

v buse som sa stretol so Steewom ( scotland falkt super krajina na bike and trek..doporucam ), kroty je nas kamos na cestach. Som mu vravel o plane, ze idem do Condoriri doliny a tam sa skrabat na 3 to vlastne skola na climbing, na 5 dni a na konci je velmi technicky splh na Condory Cabeza okolo 5800mnm … kde sa strieda skala a lad a stupak je viac ako 70%…..
on the bus i meet my friend for a travel Steewe ( Scotland ..realy cool country for bike and hike..highly recomended ), which is our friend on roads.  I told him about my plan to go to climbing school for 5 day to Condoriri valley, where i wd climb the 3 technical peaks.  The last peak most technical is Codory Cabeza around 5800mnm, where is climbing on the rock and ice…

avsak co cert nechel tak pri vjazde do La Pazu bolo trak jasno ze Illimani bola ako keby vysvietena a si ziadala o Vranovsku smrst!!!
buuuuut, during entrance to the city the Illimani was sooooo highlighted from sun to we immediately thing just about how to get there….

po prichode sme sli do agency a opytali sa na vrchol ci mozme ist ze nemame skusenosti a tak….co bolo cool jaska ze agencia cumela na prachy a hned bolo vsetko jasne ze mame zelenu. Vecer do kostola sa pomodlit, lebo sme boli obaja brut nervozny, ze kde to vlastne ideme…
after arrival we found agency where we get a green light and in the same evening we get to church to pride because we get soo nervouse from all what happend in last 3h….

Den 1:
Day 1:

zraz o 9h a cakala nas 4h cesta s nadhernymi sceneriami … pod horu
meeting in 9h , and 4 h drive via cool scenneries  to get under moutain…

neni to az tak daleko…heh…smiech? prejde!!!
it is not so far…heh…
Posledna dedinka je Pinaya 3500mnm…tam sme rozdelili vsetko co sme mali medzi nosicov, somarov a nas :))))
Last willage is Pinaya, 3500mnm . Upon arrival we splited up our stuff betwen porters, donkies and us..:))))

trek v prvy den bol skor taky rozohrievaci do 4500mnm do base campu..ako take zvykanie na trek vo vysokych vyskach…tempom ako na jarmoku medzi stankami sme zacali dupat hore….

the trekking in frost day it was like warming up and to get used to for trekking in high attitude….With a shopping tempo we did a trek to the 4500mnm to the base camp ...
v podvecer vsetko fajne jedlo a relax pred zajtrajsim 6h trekom do 5500mnm do vyzsieho campu….spoznavanie guidov atd…super zapad slnka v super nedotknutej prirode s krasnou orandzovou sceneriou Illimani…jasne ze potom nasledovala chladna noc a ani spacak do -20 velmi nehrial…:(((..takze noc bec spanku a prevalovacky …klasika :))))
in evening all good , good food and relax before next day 6h trek to highier camp 5500mnm. Recognizing with our guides, cook, …and so on…cool sunset in pure nature with view on the orange Illimani. Agfter sunset of course came a cold night where sleeping back up to -20 wasnt worm enough…so night without sleep and rolling left and right ..u know that..:))))


ani sme nemuseli vstavat, radsej sme vyliezli uz zo stanu pri svitani a po ranajkach a caji Mate de Coca ( mnam mnam )…sme startli na 6-7h trek do horneho campu …tak uz to bola prva skusenost s vysokou nadmorskou vyskou….castejsie pauzy a vydychavacky…. clovek sa tam citi velmi slaby a neciti svoje telo normalne….Nosici startovali asi hodinu po nas a asi v strede pri jednej pauze nas dobehli…Pri pohlade na nosicou sa mi tiskali slzy do oci…aka krasa a neskutocna liga…aha..
after not sleepy night and Mate de Coca we start our 6-7 h trek to highier camp.  It was a first experience with high attitude trekking …more breaks for breth out…the body not working as usualy , feel week and useless.. The porters start 1h latter and they meet us somewhere in middle . To look on them i wanted to cy from purity and beautifullity…look:

otec porter ..asi 75 rokuof…s paradnym batohom
the daddy porter …cca 75 yer old…with cool backpack

vecsina porterov mala brutal spicove Garmonty:
most of the porters had a brutal expansive treking shoes Garmonts:

do horneho campu sme prisli asi o 3h poobede a pri pohlade na Illimany som si vravel ze to nieje moze sa tam dostat za jeden den…z dola hora vyzrala normalne ale pod nou clovek dostal respekt…po caji Coca :)))))) nasi guidi zistili ze nemam ani sajnu ako pouzit cepin a nozne hrable…som im vysletlil ze to nieje moja chyba , ze ma tu vyslali na technicku horu bez skusenosti..takze trosku nasraty po kapanek oddychu sme mali ako skolu na climbing, kde sme dostali zakladne praktiky a rady ako rozsekat horu…..
To the highier camp we arriver around 3 o`c and vit a view on Illimany i told my self it is imposible to climb there in 1 day…from the bottom looks like kidplaygraund but under peak we got realy big respect.  After Coca tea :))))) our guides found out to i have no experience with climbing on ice …little bit angry and so on we got 1h first pratice on the ice and tips how to destroy moutain...
hore – dole….ksizem – ksazem
criss cross matrix – svina…
vecer este trosku relax a pred zapadom slnka do stanu skusit zaspat, lebo sa vstavalo 1:30..a hned po ranajkach sa vyrazalo..cca 2h rano…
in evening littlebit relax and before sunset went to tent to try to get sleep…because we woke up in 1:30 and in 2 o`c we start to trek.
Jasna vec ze nikto nespal…ja som sa citil ani neviem ako…bolela ma hlava a velmi som ani nechcel jest..( to su 2 z 3 priznakov vysokej nadmorskej vysky, tretia je nespavost..alebo blbe sny…:)))))) opytal som sa guida co a jak..ze co si mysli..on len sa zasmial a vravel ze som OK …tak ok..skusil som si dat babovky ..ale vela do mnaneslo asi jeden krajec a caj COCA:))))….brut ranajkach som siel hore…..ze co uz ked som tu…..:))))
Of course nobody slept….i felt strange , bad..headache and didnt ave appertise ( 2 of 3 admits of high attitude seeknes , the last one is insomnia or strange dreams…:)))))) i asked my guide what he think about me…he sad: u r ok…:))) ok so i tryed to go up..i eated just one peace of baba cake and coca tea:))))
Krok za krokom som sa ucil chodit na vyzdvyhnutom podvozku a celkom mi to slo..velmi som nemyslel ako mi je zle …skor som sa snazil drzat krok s guidom a nasledovat jeho slapaje…vsetko slo do vysky 6000mnm kde je taky zlom…z nicoho nic sa kopcok zdvyhne a pred vami je asi 60 stupnova stena dlha do nevidim…uz tak v 6000 je to masaker a som bol rad ze viem ako tak normalne chodit za guidom….nasledovalo stupanie s lanom a brut..ja borec som urobil dve fotky este ked som vladal…to bola chyba od tej doby som si prestal citit prsty a prave to bolo na tej stene kde som ich naj potreboval…prve lano ako tak som dal ale druhe uz som mnusl dat rukaffky dole a rozdychavat cierne prsty…( take som este nevidel ..riedne strach ) nemam foto z ciernych prstov lebo som vtedy nato az tak nemyslel…
Step by step i try to get better with crampons and so on…i didntthink so much about my seeknes and so just wanted to follow spets ogf my guide and be in tempo with him…all was good till 6000mnm where stoped us big 60 degree wall with end to not see…this part was climbing with a King of Egypt did a 2 fotos… and after that i didnt feel my hands any more…after firs rope i had to blow and warm up my black fingers….i have no photo of it , because i relay didnt think about it there….
asi po 7 lane sme sa dostali na taky ako zlom kde sme pokracovali oblukom az k zaverecnej vyjazdovej drahe….pri vystupe a pri odychu som sledoval nadherny vychod slnka ktory sa odrazal v jednom stite Central…
about after 7th rope we got into break point , where we continued to get into finnal way possition of Illimany….during climbing of this hudge neverending wall and breth breaks i was looking on beautifull sunrise from other side of moutains Central peak….
po asi 30 min obluku sme sa dostali na prvu vyhliadku a uz pod vrchol Illimany…vtedy uz som vedel ze to len trebalo nabrat sily na zverecny 1h finnish ( 1,5h to bolo ) kedze mi bolo zle tak mi uplne stacil iba hryz zo snikersky …a aj to som premyslal ci to nevyblujem von…tak asi tam je …nechuti voda, nechuti snickers ,a boli hlava….
after cca 30 min of wolking around hill we got into place with a first mirrador of Illimany and other moutauins. In this time i knew to i gonna do it…just i needed the break for breath out and energy…as energy i just got i 1 bit of snickers…and even this i thought im going to through out…thats the suituation up there…headache, no teaste for food..even wather is bad…

posledna hodina….
1h to go….
Po prestavke sme pokracovali dalej len jedna hodina …
After break we continue up…just 1h more…

heh…:)))slnko svietilo…idealna hubacka… tralalalaaaa….po necelych 7h sme zdolali Illimany…6438mnm
heh…:))) tralalalaaaa…after not complet 7h we did it ..Illimani 6438mnm

posledne kroky na Illimani
last few steps on Illimani

po pol hodke na vrcholu a zablahozelani k narodeninam kamaratovi Bosque ( Espana )sme mazali dolu…cesta bola brut , lebo vlastne kazdy vynalozi silu sa dostat hore a nemysli na cestu spet..ja som nato myslel ale co, ked tuzba je byt hore…ist dole bola asi najtazsia cast ….vystaveny a bez energie treba byt concentrovant na schadzanie a zlanovanie….prave v tejto chvili sa stava najviac nestasti,kedy ludia padaju ako hrusky…koly vycerpaniu a nesustredenosti…
After half our on peak and small birthday celebration we get down. The way was hard core because everybody will spend last energy to get up ther but not thinking about way down…but u know…evbdy think the same way…so without energy and exhausted u  need be fully concentrated for descend…in this part happend the most accidents where not concentrated people falling down like pears…im not pear :))))
niekde v strede som vravel guidovi ze som uz celkom bez energie ze musime davat viac pauz…on mi nato: ale ved este musime zist az dole do dediny Pinaya…co je vlastne este dalsi trek z vyskjoveho campu…cize plus dalsie 6h a vyzskovo zo 6500 do 3500mnm….sokovany som to chcel  mat cim skor zasebou…dal som posledny kus energie dojst do vyskoveho tabora…tam som nejedol lebo mi bolo zle..iba som spoteny lezal s paralenami v bruchu a snazil sa vypotit zlo….po pol hodke nasledoval 6h trek do dediny….tam sme dorazili o 17h…cize sa trekovalo od 2 rana do 17h vecera…a som pritom zjedol pol snickers..lebo viac do mna neslo ..modzogh vravel hej ale telo nie…cize na treti den sme trekovali od 2 do 17 – 15h trek , 10km, prevysenie 5500- 6500 a potom kles do 3500mnm
somewhere in the middle i told my guyide to im out of energy and i need more breaks…he told me : but aslo we going down to the willage …what is next 6h of trekking….shocked i wanted to have all done…so in last bit of energy i got down to highier camp…where i cdnt eat …i just lied down with a paralen pills and fever, and try to little bit breath out…after 30min we continue 6h trek down to willage… so in this day we treked from 2:am to 17:pm with attitude 5500-6500-and down to 3500mnm…total 10km , 15h trek..and as an energy i had just half snickers because brain sad yes, need it…bud body say no!!!
V dedine nas cakala zasluzena odmena…:))))
in the willage was waiting for us the best price:)))))

a po nej fajne local jedlo…som to nazval “Nedovarena shwina v lavore, s bandurkami aj s dachim :)))))”…kazdy to zral ako v praveku…
and after that cool local food “Pig in the bucket con potatos and something else”…:))) everybody eated that as animal…
po fajnej veceri sme skoncili u Gudia dome s piffcom  ( mali by ste vidiet tu skromnost )…a kecali do neskoreho vecera….Na dalsi den rano sme zbalili stany z futbaloveho stadiona Pinaya..s hladiskom pre 3 osoby , 6 oviec,3 koni , 2 somarov a 7 krav..a sli spet do La Pazu cez nadhernu sceneriu prirody…
after yummy dinner we finnished up in the Guide house ( u shd to see this pority and purity ) ..and talked to the late night…the nbext day we packed up our tents from futball stadium of Pinaya with audince for 3 people, 6 ships, 3 horsies,2 donkies and 7 cows….and went back to Lapaz via beautiful scenery of nature…
a rozbita Illimany  Michalom Rovnakom z Vranova nad Toplou, 2.7.2010
and the destroyed Illimany by Michal Rovnak from Vranov nad Toplou, 2.7.2010
thanks for all….sooooooo coool of the best moment in my life….

The World’s Most Dangerous Road


The North Yungas Road (alternatively known as Grove’s Road, Coroico Road, Camino de las YungasEl Camino de la Muerte, Road of Death or Death Road) is a 61-kilometre (38 mi) or 69-kilometre (43 mi) road leading from La Paz to Coroico, 56 kilometres (35 mi) northeast of La Paz in the Yungas region of Bolivia. It is legendary for its extreme danger and in 1995 the Inter-American Development Bank christened it as the “world’s most dangerous road”.  One estimate is that 200 to 300 travellers were killed yearly along the road.  The road includes crosses marking many of the spots where vehicles have fallen.

The danger of the road ironically made it a popular tourist destination starting in the 1990s, drawing some 25,000 thrillseekers.   Mountain biking enthusiasts in particular have made it a favourite destination for downhill biking since there is a 64-kilometre (40 mi) stretch of continuous downhill riding with only one short uphill section.

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Dear all non-Slovak speaking families and friends of ours!

First of all, grand apologies for not writing our travel blog also in English for those of you who might be interested in more than just our pictures.   Trust me, keeping only the Slovak version up-to-date is not an easy task at all; it requires  discipline (while being on a holiday) and to be 100% honest,  sometimes becomes even pain the butt 😉

Mito and I left London together on Feb 9 and flew via Sao Paulo to Salvador, Brazil, where one day upon our arrival the famous Brazilian carnival was starting.  (Great planning as always, I reckon.)  5 days later we continued in a carnival spirit mood to Rio de Janeiro not to miss out the carnival There (!)  and to be able to make our own comparisons.

Salvador and Rio carnivals are so different – music, people, visibility of tourists in the crowds, organisation, prices, beer, but, ..both are amazing, ‘rock’, it’s an awesome feeling to be part of them and with an extra couple of million people in the streets partying, dancing, boozing there is always something to see & do usually till late morning hours… Occasionally, the sense of safety may disappear but staying on top of thing using common sense is always helpful and recommended.  If you feel somehow uncertain or weird, take a cab and leave for a friendlier place or home :)

We spent almost a month in Brazil in total, baking skins on some fantastic beaches, exploring big name cities, watching Maracana footie, meeting Brazilian friends from London and on top of that, making many new ones, especially via  This site is one heck of an invention and activity to do on your travels.  Thumbs up big time!  Practically, you don’t end up leaving your hostel doormat with a map in your hands looking like a 1st class gringo, but there is always someone local who is either with you or co-ordinates your moves around places, gives recommendations, ideas where to go or NOT to … (Salvador & Rio especially!), shares popular, local, and cheap pubs or different homey restaurants.  Thanks to all great people that had hosted us and shared their time and our shots with us.  God bless!

If you are interested in details, let me know or check out ‘Couchsurfing and Buddies’ category on our site.  Also, all cities we went through and the countries we are going to, can be found in the Itinerary category which we are hoping to improve with some visuals or Google maps possibly within a month.  Talking about Itinerary, if some of you still wish to join us for your holidays (we might have spoken about it earlier or even in person), have a look, drop us a line so we can see what the ‘booking availabilities’ are like and don’t end up looking like a kindergarten down here :)

We tried to hitchhike from Brazil to Uruguay, just to prove the wrong about the hitchhiking section there.   Well, the book was unfortunately right, since we didn’t move much forward using this form of transport (7km out of 23km in total – personally my worst hitchhiking performance ever).  Anyway, we got to Uruguay and spent 7 days there.  It’s a small, very relaxed country with great people (FYI this is probably the only country in South America without indigenous population).  Their way of living, but especially the atmosphere in general reminded us of Europe, also due to its citizens and safety wherever we had roamed.   Couchsurfing in Montevideo was again one of the highlights there.

We took the most scenic way to reach Buenos Aires, Argentina – boat from Carmelo (Uruguay) to Tigre, BA’s suburb.   We took advantage of the sun & beer combo and when beer was gone, added 2 bottles of Baileys to improve sunset over the river experience and to get more prepared for Friday night out supposedly in the best capital city of South America.  We had a great week in BA where we saw all we wanted to and got gear ready for outdoor Patagonia.  We spent almost one full month in Patagonia (both Argentinean & Chilean parts), watching wildlife but mostly improving our physical condition by doing numerous treks in simply splendid scenery circuits (see pictures in e.g.  ‘W’ trek section).

We tried to get a last minute boat to Antarctica from the Southern most city in the world – Ushuaia,but ended up SOL since the season was at its very end and info I possessed prior to arrival was incorrect.  I will try to write a separate article (in English) about ‘How to get to the White Continent’, so provided some of you want to go there you’ll have hopefully more valuable pieces of information which I couldn’t learn from the guidebooks.

When we ‘smashed’ the trekking targets in Patagonia we deserved some relax and took a 4 day 4 night Navimag boat from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt (both Chilean cities) where we competed with sea sickness by drinking more rum.  In the end, we won and it wasn’t us who was throwing up.

We are now in so called ‘The Lake District’ back in Argentina and the plan for the next month is to cross the Argentina/Chile borders few more times to cover it all as we head up North.  There are two people joining us; both in 4-6 week time so there will surely be heaps of fun. For a pretty simple as good as it gets itinerary, check out the section mentioned earlier in this article.  We also have a facebook fan page for more pics.  However, I did “some smart settings” and can’t log in there so it’s properly out of date.  (Help!)

Take care everybody, write ideas, tips, recommendations how to make this try-to-make-a-travel-blog thing better, peace to you all and stay in touch.

Hasta luego