Hello world!

Hi everyone,

… after days of slow-mo preparations here we come!  It was just about time I guess but you know how it goes when it comes to packing and prioritization before the trip starts.  The whole idea to create a blog came actually from numerous requests (from some of you) to write a book about our ‚Year 2010 Travels‘.  Neither of us has any experience in writing anything apart from Uni essays or work reports so writing a book seemed way too much.

‚Playing online‘ might be more fun, show up-to-date stories and pictures from our Latin Americas trip (provided we don’t find a hangover, but time & net instead) so you can follow us if you wish and at the same time we don’t have to write too many emails and wait for all those pictures to be attached successfully:)

Thanks for joining us and keeping in touch by your comments and requests to see and read more 🙂



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