La Canche – The Best Local Comedor of Central America

‘La Canche’ comedor situated in the heart of Antigua (Guatemala) is one uniqueness of itself… 4-5 old grannies averaging 143 cm height and over 70 years age (may be even 80, Mito reckons…) make this comedor’s top place to eat in Central America.  We have eaten ‘desayunos-almuerzos-cenas’ there for 5 days while being three times in Antigua.

Place has been functioning for over 54 years – and surely has not changed much since the black&white photography time; lady Zola Urizar has been awarded multiple diplomas for her hard work and social community service over the last couple of decades.

There is of course no menu, no price list, no counter, capacity about 3-4 tables, speed of service from 21 to 29 meters per hour, opening hours 8am-ish till 9pm-ish….with same ‘staff’ = amazing!  Names of 4-5 meals they serve but we have never picked up is locally yummy, pastry rocks even days later.

Will be surely missed most from the whole UNESCO city of Antigua.

Suerte ‘La Canche’

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