Nicaragua & El Salvador buses

It took us fair bit of a time to decide if we should or should not make a video of this particular chicken bus (yellow retired school bus from the States) going from Potosi to Chinandega in Nicaragua.  We have counted over 110 people (including babies) being there with us during most of the way (3.5hrs), with hundreds of kilograms on its roof and dozen bicycles on top of them all.

The video does not describe the travel conditions by far, since we did not show the camera not to look like two idiotic gringos on board, neither to offend some locals by doing so.  Our Panasonic was thus moved only by a small angle that the hiding space allowed.

[youtube id=“-S_w2_05tMw“ w=“350″ h=“300″]

[youtube id=“x3YLq2ZYuDw“ w=“350″ h=“300″]

Traveling by local means of transportation is fun and includes different qualities and quantities of buses on simple up to 50kms‘ ways.  This is just one of many bus changings that we have taken in El Salvador.  (I felt pretty awkward making it, but what had to be done, had to be done…)

[youtube id=“P7kevDe1lGk“ w=“350″ h=“300″]

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