Surfing trip South and Central America by Mito…

I was passing few times diferent spots in Peru  as Tomas.  I was looking more for surfing placies as for turists atractions.  I start my surfing trip in lovely Huanchaco (Point break – Right, Beach Break), which is small village next to Trujillo ( ), where I bought the board.

Unexpected with a good food, good waves, and amazing people I stayed there almost 9 days . After that I  decide to move more north to Chicama where are one of  the longest waves on the world ( )…Amazing ( Reef Break – Right )

I couldn’t stay more there as 3 days because I had a meeting with Tomas in Mancora Peruvian the most famously city for holydays. We have been separated from Bolivia because I was Climbing Illimani  ( ) and Tomas Machu Picchu ( ). Macora meeting was short , just one day surf  on 1h close beach ( Cabo Blanco – very nice waves!!! – Right, Reef break) with evening drinks and continue to Ecuador, passing Montanitu the best Ecuadorian surf spots , (Beach break)  and fabulouse place for parties . We just slept there :0))))))) and morning little bit sick was heading to Puerto Lopez, where we met with Branko and Lucka. Puerto is famous for whale watching and close to village you can surf also on absolutely virgin beach 10min, by local bus ( very loudly music in every super fast bus :))))) Beach breaks ).  This was my last spot where I was surfing, because after that, we travelled inside in countries Ecuador and Colombia,  which was little bit uncomfortable for me with a board. After 2 weeks I gave up visiting cities and created plan to get immediately on Caribbean site without visiting Venezuela, where I heard about possibilities for surf. Upon arrival I went, direct to small village Taganga , which is entry gate to Tayrona national park where I went next day ( ). In this lovely place I stayed 3days. I found out to on Colombian Caribian site, there are no waves in this part of year ( actually  I visited one Mendihuaca, but it was heavy beach break which was just smashing me down !!!!!)   I meet there one surfer, who ask and told me , what I’m doing here???? Just rapidly go to Panama to Santa Catalina you will enjoy there.  This all happened immediately , took the bus to Cartgena where I manage boat to Panama. ( ).

In Panama I got a problem with camera trying repair, but in 3 days I just found out to my Nikon warranty is European and it is nothing to do with America.   They wanted to repair me for 250$ and with a waiting  time  2 – 3 weeks, what was impossible for me. I went for surf to Catalina, ( Beach breaks, World class Point break ). This place was nice but I didn’t feel there so comfy and opened minded  as in other countries. (  maybe I was too long on the boat :)))) . I dried out my camera from humidity of Colombian jungles and seams to be working from this point, just feeling to something is still wrong – focus problem) I wanted to do a change and the surfing friend told me about Pavones ( Costa Rica ), which is next to border with a longest waves in Central America.  It was painful to get there, because I changed maybe 6 local busies, to get there. Surpriiiice is no waves at this moment and the new swell will come in 2 weeks!!! Sweaty, angry and over travelled I just turn back and with a very bed experience with a people ( all help is no help…just trick how to get money from Americano, how to cheat just to have them…)…just wanted to leave the country.  I travelled from one boarder crossing to other reach Nicaragua.  Absolutely contrast in countries , you can see direct on the boarder. I knew, to I’m coming to the lovely country with nice people and amazing surfing spots. Immediately, maybe 30min behind the boarders, is Nicaraguan surfing small village Sn Juan de la Sur

This amezing place was welcoming me with vibe what I was looking for. By the chance i meet my friend from Panama boat and we have been surfing there on Maderas beach Pointbreak – sleeping direct on the beach )I met there more friends for surfing and we been there around 2weeks .  And Remanso beach 1 week very nice waves ( Beach break – )  Latter we decide to move for another spot the most famous for Nicaragua Popoyo ( beach break and world class point break ) It is hard to get there, so with a food we stayed another 1,5 weeks. On the way back we had a flood ,

so our plans to  go on another beach Las Penitas, next to Leon has been changed  and almost with a last bus which could pass thrue, we reached the  Granada ( ). With a lot of fun we stayed there 3 days and latter moved to Leon to surf on Ls Penitas. ( Point breaks , Beach breaks ) Surfing was quite +,- because firstly it  wasn’t waves there and latter we just split up for all directions. I went more north surfing to Salvador, to surfing paradise El Tunco

( Amazing spot !!!! one of the best , there are maybe 6 spots for surfing ,  travelling max 5 min by local bus , surfing everywhere , I surfed just in SunZal direct in Tunco!!!, because I didn’t have more experience for other spots!!!!)

On this spot I was waiting till Tomas will  finish his trip around Venezuela. Meeting point was Leon , where we planned make our dream Volcano boarding.  From this point we have been travelling again together  via El Salvador, Honduras, till we again split up at Lago Atitlan ( Guatemala ) Tomas was heading back to Honduras, on Carribian site and me immediately crossed borders with Mexico to San Cristobal ( + Tomas photos ) one of  the most famose Mexican city where I also visited San juan de Chamula Maya village ( ) . I did small trips around, what I handle in one tour. Cascadas azul ( ), Cascada Mishol Ha ( ) and Palenque ( ). After all this 16h trip I took overnight bus for another 12h, for Pacific site, to small village Barra de La Cruz ( world class waves reef break, left ) where i was  again waiting for Tomas.

I passed  there Dengue fever, so I surfed there  maybe 5 times :((((( ….absolutely top place for surfing and for a local life, because there is no possible  the foreign investments.  The next spot were I went was Puerto Escondido, where is one of the bigiest Beach breaks on the world, and the best Mexican barrels….

When I’ve  arrived there wasn’t swell, so the waves was just maybe 3-4 m high, and barrels didn’t works in this conditions ( Beach break Zicatela beach, left reef break El punto – ) This was my lasts pot which I visited…..Thanks God for this trip for this pleasure for this fun…

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